Why Do We Eat? ~ Intentional Food Consumption

Do you consider why you eat before you plan a meal, take a bite or consume anything that is edible?  What is your mindset when you decide to eat? are you angry, happy, excited, or sad?  

Do you know that there is a mindset that you should adapt prior to consuming your food or nourishment? Consider this the next time you intent to eat.  ~ 1.) Are you calm? 2.) Are you sitting as opposed to laying down 3.) Have you placed your thoughts on your food and not your surroundings or other external things?  This is called eating with intention.  You have given your full attention to the food that you are about to consume.  How it looks, how it taste, what you sense as you take time to chew, and how what you are eating is fulfilling your body and not your cravings or passions.

So often in the world that we live in food is associated with some type of emotion such as a celebration (happy), a sex act (sensuality), or even an unfortunate event (sadness).  When we program ourselves to eat this way, we create habits surrounding the food, the sensations and why we are eating.  This is not a healthy way to consume nourishment.  So, the next time you prepare a meal, take the time with intention to focus solely on the food without any expectation.  See the results as they manifest in the form of your body being satisfied and not full or lacking.  In wellness…

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